About Us

What’s in a name? Everything.

Oh So Sweet Sugar Boutique has been a staple of Surrey’s vibrant community since 2011. Our North American-style treats capture the sweetness of beloved flavours, all folded into the most elevated styles.

The magic of Oh So Sweet comes from our commitment to classic flavours. Since we opened in 2011, visitors have come back for the memories sprinkled among layers of vanilla birthday cake and salted caramel cookies. Every treat is an elegant take on time-honoured traditions.

To match the menu’s taste level, the Oh So Sweet boutique space is also an experience in style. Visitors can enjoy golden afternoon sun, while our signature floral wall is a must-see photo destination.

We’re independently owned and have roots right in the community. Whether they walk, bike, or drive to the shop, guests get the very best of what’s on offer. This includes customer service that feels like a friend and the ability to design a custom cake with our design experts.

Oh So Sweet combines the chic look of a high-end boutique with the friendly faces of a neighbourhood shop. Our mission is to deliver that same welcoming feeling to everyone who comes through the door.

In the shop, we offer dine-in seating for guests who want to enjoy their treats right away. It’s a great opportunity to experience the cozy community feel of the boutique. Meanwhile, “cakeaway” service is also available with a daily selection of full-sized cakes. They’re fully decorated and ready to be the centrepiece at any event.

Welcome to your happy place.