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Come by the boutique to experience elegant family favourites baked fresh every day!


The centrepiece of our shop – and of your table! Classic flavours and showstopping design make for picture-perfect cakes every time. Choose from a selection of prepared cakeaway options or design a custom cake with our expert staff.

Cake by the slice

Single slices of our signature cakes, rotating daily. Enjoy one right away in the café seating area or take a slice home for later.

Three Layer Cake

Three fan favourites in one – no hard decisions this time. A layer of red velvet, one layer of Oreo cake, and one layer of classic chocolate sponge combine for the ultimate chocolatey slice. And the fillings keep pace with three flavours of their own: chocolate buttercream and cream cheese frosting inside, plus vanilla buttercream over top.

Cookie Butter

If you’re not on the cookie butter train already, you’re about to be. Classic vanilla cake gets the full cookie butter treatment. Cookie butter filling and cookie butter buttercream complete the gently spiced trifecta.


No occasion needed! Vanilla cake is flecked with colourful sprinkles throughout, while the layers are filled with cream cheese buttercream and extra cake crumbs. A perfect celebration slice for kids and the young at heart.

Cake in a cup

For cake lovers who think outside the slice. Cake in a cup highlights all the layers you love: cake and icing, plus some extras for good measure. Look for additions like cookies, chocolate bar pieces, and fruit filling that make these treats hard to ignore.


Everything you love about Rolo candies baked into a cake. No indulgence is spared: chocolate cake, dulce de leche filling, and whole Rolo pieces to decorate the chocolate buttercream topping. In a word, yum.

Red Velvet

Two is always better than one. Layers of the iconic cake get the double cream cheese treatment with tangy cream cheese frosting as the filling and piled on top. Never underestimate a classic.

Strawberry Shortcake

Another interpretation of a family favourite. Strawberry shortcake filling turns vanilla cake into a showstopper, and vanilla cream cheese buttercream is the cherry (or the strawberry) on top. A miniature delight with a big payoff.

Mini cakes

Honey, I shrunk the cakes! Take everything about a full-size cake and shrink it, decorative piping and all. They’re perfect for one or to share! Classic flavours like Birthday Cake and Black Forest bring a healthy dose of nostalgia to modern baking.

Mango Coconut

Bright flavours are here to bring you closer to the tropics! Layers of tangy mango custard and eggless vanilla sponge get the cake treatment, only in miniature. It’s the full cake experience, all the way down to mango buttercream and roasted coconut topping.

Nanaimo Bar

A caked up take on a classic Canadian bar. All the pieces are there, from the custard icing and (coco)nutty details to the chocolate ganache. Deliciousness from coast to coast!


A mini cake inspired by the chocolatey-hazelnutty spread. Here come the four layers of oh so dreamy flavours: chocolate cake, layers of Nutella filling, a chocolate ganache dip, all topped with chocolate buttercream.


The best of many confectionary worlds all in a handy little package. Chocolate dipped or caramel drizzled, these bars taste as divine as they look! Sneak in for a bite-sized cake pop after work or pick up a box of full-sized bars to share.

Cheesecake Brownies

Smooth and creamy cheesecake gets leveled up with a brownie base and a dipped coating. Good luck choosing between strawberry and peanut butter!

Cake Pops

These favourites rotate regularly. Perfect for the kids or if you just want a smaller treat!

Assorted Bars

Flavours rotate regularly.

Custom Boxes

Oh So Sweet is ready to party! Hosting and visiting alike, fill a sweets box with bite-sized goodies from around the shop and you’ll be the talk of the town. Be sure to save some for yourself before they disappear!


The humble cookie got a makeover. With a dozen or more options available every day, there’s something for chocolate lovers and candy cravers alike. And for double the indulgence, look to buttercream-filled sandwich cookies for the ultimate combination of cake and cookie.

Sandwich Cookie: Birthday

All the best parts of a birthday cake in a cookie! Vanilla buttercream gets the squeeze between two big, soft birthday cake cookies.

Jumbo: Chocolate Chip

The one and only, but bigger. A traditional brown sugar-based cookie gets the chocolatey treatment with a generous portion of semisweet chips.

Sandwich Cookies

The ultimate combination of cake and cookie. Flavours rotate regularly.